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Visit the amusement park Marineland

Marineland, parc d'attraction aquatique

A leisure park dedicated to sea animals.

If you want to discover new horizons, a few kilometers from the Holiday Green hotel is the Marineland, one of the most visited theme parks on the French Riviera. Discover the most spectacular animals from all over the world such as polar bears, penguins, sea lions, multicolored fish ... Recently awarded the third place "Humane certified" in Europe, Marineland cares about well-being animals, their comfort and especially their safety. The teams in charge of the park take care of the care given to the animals in order to keep them in good health. Apart from the visits, the park reserves a multitude of activities to entertain the vacationers. Go on new adventures and try new experiences by swimming in the heart of lagoons with dolphins or turtles. Learn more about these animals and keep unforgettable memories.

One of the most spectacular attractions is probably the shark tunnel. This glass tunnel, 30 meters long, crosses an aquarium of 2 million liters of water where these terrifying predators swim. In addition to its attractions, Marineland Park is best known for its shows where orcas, dolphins and sea lions feast on young and old with impressive dressage numbers. And if you want to approach the animals a little closer, the VIP ticket allows you to follow the caretakers with the animals for a whole day. The park is open from mid-February to early January.

Marineland remains open from Monday to Sunday, from March to August, to welcome holidaymakers from all over the world. To facilitate your stay, the park puts at your disposal its restaurant SO LAGOON. Taste the best flavors of local gastronomy and delight your taste buds with the varied dishes typical of the region. Mark your vacation by bringing back souvenir items that are available in the park shop. You will also find glasses, jerseys, hats ... almost everything you could need during your holidays in the Var!
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