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Paddling Pool

Welcome to Africa Kids: a fun and heated paddling pool with slides and waterfalls, reserved for the little ones for the peace of mind of young parents

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Holiday Green

Our paddling pool was designed for the pleasure of the little ones but also of their parents. Heated and equipped with numerous play structures, the paddling pool is surrounded by rows of deckchairs allowing parents to supervise their children with complete peace of mind.

With its 40 cm of water, it also allows mothers and dads to sit comfortably in the water to play with their baby and introduce them to the first aquatic experiences.

There are two types of waterfall available: soft waterfalls for the little ones and potted waterfalls for young people looking for the first thrills.

The push games are interactive and the slides suitable for the little ones

Located near our Paillote, it allows the whole family to stay connected during your camping holiday in the Var

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