Holiday Green

A stroll With art

During your stay at Holiday Green you can discover some art made by artist from the region, between the Provence and the Riviera

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peintures au camping holiday green

peintures au camping holiday greenoeuvre d'art dans le camping holiday greenvacances cultures à fréjus


Contemporary art at the heart of the campsite

At the Resort & Spa ***** Holiday Green, art occupies a central place with more than a dozen works of contemporary art spread across the estate.

For several years the Resort & Spa ***** Holiday Green has been playing the role of patron and investing in the works of artists from the South of France in order to put Culture and Contemporary Art within everyone's reach. Thus, you will have the pleasure of discovering, as you wander through our pine forest, works by regional artists such as the bronze fist of Bernard Bezzina, the sign trees of Laurent-Emmanuel Briffaud or the sculptures of Raoul Hébréard. Installed in the gardens as well as in the restaurant of the Resort & Spa, these works make up a surprising artistic journey within our domain and transforms your vacation experience. An artistic educational route is available at the Reception, which allows you to stroll while cultivating.

Culture stay

With our open-air museum proposal, we intend to transform the family stay at the campsite into a multiple and enriching experience. Strictly useful travel is over: holidaymakers are invited to take over the premises by walking freely in the area of ​​work in progress, from discovery to discovery. By opening up the site for strolling and free walks, we are also infusing a new temporality, a state of mind inspired by "slow life". Children discover that art has its place everywhere and is inspired by life itself. In immersion in such an inspiring universe, some may discover a vocation!