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Discover the city of Ventimiglia

On the French-Italian border, a little over an hour's drive from the Holiday Green campsite, discover the small town of Ventimiglia and stroll through its famous market and its medieval Mediterranean seaside town

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Discover the city of Ventimiglia


A famous market in Italy, at the French frontiers.

Enjoy your holidays in Fréjus for a short trip to Italy. The city of Ventimiglia is on the Franco-Italian border, near the Holiday Green campsite. By train or bus, the journey will be in a few minutes. Ventimiglia is best known for its market which takes place every Friday. It is also advisable not to go by car under penalty of turning for long hours in search of a place, but to prefer the train or the bus. On the shelves are regional products as well as crafts and flowers. Once the market is over, do not miss to visit the medieval high town, lacis of narrow lanes that surrounds an 11th century Dome. Once out of the market, you will reach the medieval high town, where narrow streets meet. "Ventimiglia" in Italian is an absolutely charming city nestling between the Italian Riviera and the French Riviera. Even if it is not one of Italy's top 10 must-see destinations, it can be said that it's a real little piece of paradise on the French border. As you enter the city, you will fall under its picturesque charm with its typical pastel colored houses. Its old town offers exceptional walks in its narrow cobbled streets leading to remarkable historical sites. Indeed, if you like to see ancient monuments, you can visit for example the Romanesque Cathedral of Ventimiglia, a religious building dating back to the 11th century. You can also visit one of the oldest monuments in the city: the ancient Roman theater of Albintilium and its perfectly preserved remains. The whole family will be tempted to participate in the activities offered in the area. Indeed, you will find hiking trails specially designed to allow you to appreciate the wild nature of Ventimiglia. If you are looking for a quiet and soothing place to recharge your batteries, take a tour of the Hanbury Botanical Garden. It is a wonderful exotic garden nestled in lush greenery facing the sea. You will find a variety of plants and flowers of exception. On the sea side, you will appreciate the beaches of Ventimiglia, in particular the Calandre Beach which is a small and pleasant beach to relax. Its fine sand is ideal for a picnic with the family. Those who want to savor the Italian dolce vita will indulge in gastronomic tourism. Indeed, it is an opportunity to taste the Italian specialties, the famous cuisine famous for being the great rival of French gastronomy. Try its famous tiramisus, delicious pizzas, risotto alla milanese, or good lasagna.

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