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Discover the Principality of Monaco

Visit the Principality of Monaco between Nice and the Italian border 1 hour from the Holiday Green campsite! Do not miss the Palace Square and its view of the Mediterranean Sea or the gardens of Saint Martin!

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Discover the Principality of Monaco

Pincipauté de Monaco

The Rock of Monaco welcomes you with an oceanographic museum and splendid gardens.

If you choose to stop at the Holiday Green campsite during your holidays on the Côte d'Azur, you will have the chance to stay near the Principality of Monaco. Indeed, the city of Monaco is 1 hour from Frejus. It is between Nice and the Italian border. It is a very small town that is home to many wonders. It is the oldest city in the Principality, also called the "Monaco-Ville". Feel free to stroll through its streets to appreciate the authenticity of this beautiful area punctuated with luxury shops and various shops. The Palace Square overlooks the Rock and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. It is here that lies the residence of the Prince of Monaco, Albert II. You have the opportunity to visit the princely palace and attend the changing of the guard that takes place daily on the esplanade of the palace at 11:55. While visiting the premises, you will have a panoramic view of the city and the sea. Continue your walk to the south-east facade of the Rock and discover the beautiful gardens of Saint Martin. The place is pleasantly laid out so that you can take a nice walk and relax. The gardens border the oceanographic museum of Monaco whose commander Cousteau was director. It houses an aquarium rich of some 350 species of fish or a shark lagoon. Come and spend a moment of extraordinary discovery in this museum. Then do not miss the exotic garden which is the "realm of surrealism of nature". You will find thousands of plant species more beautiful and intriguing than each other. Also find in this garden a beautiful prehistoric cave located 60 m underground called "the Grotto of the Observatory". Moreover, the Japanese garden offers a generous nature that reigns supreme in this part of the region: mountains, hills, waterfalls, streams ... This is the place par excellence to reconnect with nature. You can also visit the Animal Garden on the southern flank of the Rock. About fifty species of animals nest here: turtles, caimans, hippos, reptiles, primates, farm animals and even exotic birds.

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