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Hikes and mountainbike trips

Very close to the Holiday Green campsite in Fréjus, enjoy the most beautiful hiking or biking on the Côte d'Azur! Stroll along the Mediterranean Sea with spectacular views for unforgettable family holidays!

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Hikes and mountainbike trips


Departing from Holiday Green, you’ll find various hiking and biking trips along the coast and in the up-country of the Var.

Backed by the reliefs of the Var hinterland, Holiday Green is an excellent starting point for hiking, walking or mountain biking. Depending on your desires, you can go to the Mediterranean and walk along the coast through the wild coves where the glowing rock contrasts with the blue of the water and in the preserved forest. The steep reliefs of the Esterel massif will satisfy mountain bikers. A little further, the Gorges du Verdon and their vertiginous landscapes are a real paradise for hikers. Do you particularly like hiking? Enjoy your outdoor vacation at Holiday Green Campground to enjoy it. No matter which direction you decide to take, the varied landscape of this region will reveal wonders. Here are 5 excellent hiking trails in the wilderness that you can borrow from the campsite. The circuit of Lake Avellan

If you want to combine fishing and hiking, this circuit around Lake Avellan, located at the foot of Mount Vinegar, the highest point of the Esterel mountains, is for you. Avellan Lake is 16.2 km northeast of Holiday Green. You may catch carp and other freshwater fish that abound in this shallow water. The distance of the course is 12 km, with an average altitude of 350 m. Follow the path along the gorge to the source of the river that feeds the lake. You will walk through a succession of basins that end on a track lined with umbrella pines, heather and oaks. The western part of the lake has landscaped banks where you can have a picnic before heading back to the A8 road to Holiday Green. Circuit of the Ampus Dolmen of Marenq This circuit is quite far from the campsite, because the village where it is located is located 45.6 km northeast of the place. However, this particularly rewarding circuit is to be tried absolutely if you have temerity in your soul. The circuit of the Ampus will make you discover one of the most exceptional dolmens in the Var: the Marenq dolmen which dates back to 2500 BC. Throughout this 2h30 route that you can travel by bike, you will pass by some vestiges of the past. Indeed, it is one of the most populated areas of the region. Among the monuments that will fascinate you along the way, there is the chapel Notre-Dame de Spéluque erected in the Xth century. The Dolmen of the Stone of the Fairy, the most imposing of the region, is also on this circuit of 10 km. Circuit of Bagnols-en-Forêt: the miller and the oppidum The route of the miller and the oppidum takes place in the perched village of Bagnols-en-Forêt which is 9.8 km north of the campsite Holiday Green. This circuit well traced passes through the forest of pines and cork oaks, by the oppidum of the Fortress and continues towards the Coucou stone. You will then pass through the millstone of the Fortress composed of 3 deposits, where the history of the village began. The history of this site goes back to the iron age until the 18th century, and the remains of its very old exploitation are still visible on the spot. This circuit is 5 km long for an average altitude of 200 m. It will take you about two hours to complete it. Circuit of Rioutard Lake in Saint-Paul-en-Forêt Lake Riutard is located 16.8 km north of the campsite Holiday Green, in the town of Fréjus. This circuit that leads to this lake in the heart of nature begins southeast of the picturesque village of Saint-Paul-en-Forêt and passes a small road lined with cork oaks and maritime pines. All around the lake, a very pleasant botanical trail has been set up, presenting the essences of all the trees that exist in Provence. It is one of the easiest and best-developed tours in the area, perfect for hiking with children. It lasts an hour and a half for a distance of 5 km and an average altitude of just 50 m. Circuit Mount Vinegar It is the highest altitude circuit closest to Camping Holiday Green, but offers breathtaking views on one side of the sea and the city of Cannes, and on the other, on the green hinterland of the Var . The starting point is at Fréjus and the length of the route is 10.14 km. However, you will still need about 3h and 55 minutes to cover it because of the ascent, but even so, it remains a relatively easy circuit, and the highest point is 583m above sea level. This course is mainly reserved for hikers and allows to discover the generous and diversified vegetation of the municipality of Fréjus.

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