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Climbing in trees

Accrobranche dans le Var

The trees along the Mediterranean coast welcome you in Le Puget sur Argens for a trip from peak to peak.

The department of Var is one of the most forest in France. It is therefore expected that many activities take place in the countryside in this rich Provencal destination. Tree climbing is the activity in the forest par excellence. The tree climbing park Oxygène Évasion extends in a pine forest of 20,000 m² where umbrella pines grow in particular. This acrobatic course in the trees is perfect to wake the adventurer who lies dormant in you. Indeed, it raises the adrenaline, but especially, promotes the connection with nature. It's a perfect place for a great family adventure. The park is located in Puget sur Argens, just 6.6 km south of the Holiday Green campsite, which is less than 10 minutes by car.

Oxygène Evasion offers a total of 9 courses each presenting its specificities, with more than 125 games and obstacles in the trees. We quote for example the course with Tyrolienne included, or the black course for the strongest. For children, the ouistiti course is located 1 to 3 m above the ground. Apart from zip lines, these acrobatic courses include various stages such as climbing walls, barrels, tunnels, creepers and many more.

These courses are obviously ultra secure and the wearing of helmet is mandatory until the arrival on the ground for everyone. The equipment is modern and quality, and smart carabiners are designed to make the course even more enjoyable. Apart from the tree climbing, other activities such as paintball, with advanced equipment, and the Labyrinth are also offered in this gigantic park. There are 90 workshops ranging from zip lines to monkey bridges, to the playground and entertainment for toddlers. The best is therefore to devote a whole day to enjoy the maximum, and especially to try everything. The snack bar with ice cream parlor, pizzeria and sandwich shop is there if you have a small hollow.

Accessible from April to September, the Oxygène Evasion Park is an open-air playground and a haven of fun for young and old alike.

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