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Far West farm

Ferme du Far West

Back to the conquest of the West.

Stroll around the city of Fréjus and discover must-see attractions, including the Far West Farm. This site attracts a large number of tourists every year because of its picturesque scenery inspired by the Western theme. The Wild West Farm is a place not to be missed to live new experiences with your children. It is only minutes away from the Holiday Green campsite.

Located a stone's throw from Marineland Park, Ferme Far West welcomes you in a cowboy-style space to discover the family of the time of the conquest of the West. Live memorable moments with rides in the carousel, cart, steam train, pony ... You can also participate in various games proposed such as labyrinth, funambulo, climbing, galloping horses or even the ball pool . In addition, shows and movies are also at the rendezvous to make the visit even more fun.

The Wild West farm also allows children to flourish in a world of animals where they will have the opportunity to see more closely the farm animals such as turkeys, geese, chickens, cows, guinea fowl, guinea fowl. sheep, pigs, rabbits, goats and many more. To celebrate your child's birthday, the Far West Farm is the perfect place. Laughs, good mood and laughs will be there!

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