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Pêche dans le Var

La sablière de l'Aréna, in Roquebrune-sur-Argens, is a wellknown freshwater site in the Var.

Fishing is the oldest activity in the world, just like hunting and gathering. Even today, it is a hobby enjoyed by millions of people around the globe. Of course, the Var and the Côte d'Azur would rather invite to sea fishing. However, freshwater fishing in the Var, especially if it is practiced in a water point that is full of fish, seduces a lot of people. amateurs, and even beginners. The arena sand pit in Roquebrune-sur-Argens, for example is very popular in this beautiful Provencal department. This artificial lake is 14.6 km west of Holiday Green, about 17 minutes by car. Carp, catfish, bleak and roach are also caught, as well as some fine pikeperches and pike.

Equip yourself with everything you need and plan a small picnic, because the arena's sandpit is also a place of relaxation for the whole family. You will find a nautical base to indulge in various distractions such as paddle boating, canoeing, water skiing and many more. A swimming beach has also been set up, but what attracts the most in this beautiful place are its salmonids, including the famous rainbow trout that will surely bite your hook if you are lucky!

Lake Aréna, with its surface of 30 ha, is supplied with water by the river Argens. It was originally created to serve as a sand quarry, but today it has become the kingdom of fishermen. Many competitions are also organized regularly.

The most common catches, especially after the ski-nautical waters that chew the waters, are the catfish that abound in Lake Arena. After filling your bucket, head to your luxury cottage at Holiday Green Campground to prepare a good fish dish. These upscale accommodations feature well-equipped kitchens with everything you need to prepare good meals. Want to grill? Rent a barbecue on site and head to the convenience store to buy everything you need for seasoning.

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