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Jazz festival of Saint Raphaël

festival jazz

In July, Saint Raphaël comes to live at the sound of saxophones and double basses, during its jazz festival.

The Côte d'Azur has always been a land of choice for jazz with many musical events throughout the year. In the Var, the St Raphael Jazz Festival which takes place every year in July is one of those dates. Spread in different parts of the city, thirty concerts make the seaside resort swing for 4 days.

If you are an accomplished music lover or have heard so much praise about this very jazzy festival to decide to take part, book your luxury cottage in the prestigious Holiday Green as soon as possible, just 10 minutes away. of Saint Raphael. Holiday Green is indeed the address to remember to make your musical and cultural getaway more comfortable and enjoyable.

During the days of festivities, a dozen scenes host fifty or sixty musical events, mostly free, ranging from great cabarets to street concerts and workshops of all kinds. The festival brings together nearly 350 musicians, many of whom come from all over the world and some of them are some of the most renowned. But for this year 2018, as for the previous few years, the festival wants to be eco-responsible in the image of the commitment of the town of Saint-Raphaël to preserve the environment. Indeed, the Jazz festival becomes a member of the organization linked to the direction of cultural affairs recently certified ISO 20121. It thus becomes a lever by which the city is part of sustainable development.

The eco-responsible commitment of the event manifests itself in different points. First, the favored means of transport are electric vehicles that are considerably less polluting. The bars set up during the concerts offer local products and favor organic products with the use of reusable plastic cups. The waste is sorted and collected. On the other hand, an awareness is put in place through various animations, workshops, and excursions around the discovery of the environment ... The festival also adopts the eco-communication which consists of dematerializing the media, to reuse signposts, and opt for eco-labeled papers. In addition, dry toilets are installed. On the scenes, we opt for LED lighting which is at lower energy consumption. The Jazz festival is also associated with France Cancer and Bouchons d'amour.

Attending the Saint Raphael Jazz Festival will satisfy your desire to swing to the rhythm of jazz standards and modern jazz, but not only. It is also an opportunity to commit to sustainable development and other major humanitarian causes such as the fight against cancer and support for local producers.

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