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Nature site

Base nature de Frejus

A 135 ha dedicated to nature and outdoor activities at the heart of the Var.

If you want to go out to discover the beautiful natural landscapes that populate the city of Fréjus, take a walk to the François Léotard Nature Base by the Mediterranean Sea. This vast natural area of ​​more than 135 ha is the perfect place for those who want to relax and breathe some fresh air. Located at the seaside and composed of 85 ha of protected natural areas, the Nature Base offers a multitude of discovery activities to awaken your curiosity. For example, you can swim and enjoy unforgettable adventures by cruising the underwater depths, cruising or strolling through the pretty green meadows.

Landscapes aside, the Nature Base also has about 50 ha of playgrounds. On this immense space, you will find a kite area, a skating, BMX and rollerblading area of ​​3,100 sqm, a 200 sqm mini skate park for beginners, a beach volleyball court, 2 playgrounds tennis, a synthetic stadium housing 2 football and rugby courts, a bowling alley, a mogul field, an orienteering course and a team sports field (handball, basketball, roller and hockey). It is possible to rent bicycles on site. Also, the Nature Base has a covered aquatic area for those who wish to swim or swim a few lengths. The latter has a 25x10m sports pool, a 12x4m play pool, a children's paddling pool and a whirlpool. And if you feel like having a picnic, there are spaces to relax with your family.

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