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Nights in Port-Fréjus

On holiday in Fréjus during the summer and a fireworks enthusiast? Don't miss the fireworks on the nights of Port Fréjus in July and August

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feu d artifice frejus

Nights in Port-Fréjus

feu d artifice frejus

Pyrotechnic art festival in Fréjus

In July and August, Fréjus hosts an annual pyrotechnic art festival. The festival takes place over 3 evenings in July and 4 evenings in August, sometimes the opposite depending on the year: in all, 7 exceptional fireworks are fired in Port Fréjus and visible from the quays as well as from the Fréjus-plage and Saint-Raphaël.

No need to go on holiday around July 14 to enjoy a fireworks display in Fréjus! The Fréjus Night Festival offers you the opportunity to enjoy a pyrotechnic show every week from the beginning of July to the end of August. Bunches of light illuminate the sky of Fréjus from 10:30 pm for the pleasure of young and old alike. Poetic and creative, Port-Fréjus's fireworks displays use the most spectacular techniques of the best current fireworks designers.

Enchanting nights in Port Fréjus

Spend a magical evening in Fréjus enjoying a unique night show after you are strolling on the port or on the waterfront between the stalls of the night market! To end your evening in Fréjus-Saint-Raphaël in style, simply sit down with your family in the sand on the beach, or on a bench facing the port, to admire the multicoloured bouquets that illuminate the sky above the sea.

Fréjus's fireworks, shot all summer long for the pleasure of all, lend themselves to a romantic moment for lovers or a sweet evening with the family. Perhaps it will be for the youngest members of the family their first pyrotechnic show: a magical discovery for an unforgettable stay in the Mediterranean!

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