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Water-skiing in Saint Raphaël

Ski nautique à Saint Raphaël

The calm waters of Saint Raphaël are ideal for water skiing

With more than 30 km of coastline, Saint Raphaël is the ideal place to practice nautical activities. These sports will connect you directly with nature and you will have the chance to discover the region in a different way. The water activities of Saint Raphael are essential if you are passing through the area. One of the most popular sports in Saint Raphaël is water skiing. You can indeed try this external activity during your stay at Camping Holiday Green which is located in the neighboring town of Fréjus. You will live unforgettable moments of sharing with your friends or your family.

Practiced for several years, water skiing interests more and more people. Beginners, occasional or passionate practitioners, athletes of all levels will be filled, because the waters in this part of France are conducive to the practice of the sport. You can ask to be filmed or photographed to immortalize these moments. For your safety, the vest is mandatory throughout the water ski session.

Thrill-seekers and high-level athletes will be delighted with this hobby. It is indeed a complete sport that will work the whole body effortlessly. It is a sliding sport that requires concentration and determination. That said, the techniques are easy to understand and master and a few minutes are enough to send you information to know.

Children can also learn to play this sport from an early age. Indeed, advice is given for beginners and children from 4 years. That said, the material will have to be adapted to the age of the child. The position to be kept, the techniques and the balance are part of the instructions that will be given before boarding and on the boat. It is worth mentioning that it is not enough for you to be a good alpine skier to master water skiing. Several formulas will be proposed to you, according to your level. When you have gained the necessary experience in the field and you have enough confidence in you, you can try to make jumps and varied figures to impress your entourage.

In Saint Raphael, you will have the choice between many beaches: sandy beaches, pebble beaches, mixed beaches, supervised beaches ... The waters are calm and low risk, ideal for the practice of this sport. You will have the opportunity to fully indulge in this activity in a paradise and safe.

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