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Planches à voile en Méditerranée

Enjoy windsurfing on the Mediterranean Sea.

To keep you entertained during your next stay at the Holiday Green campsite, discover the activities offered nearby. Create exceptional memories by learning to windsurf in Fréjus, not far from your accommodation. Exposed to the wind, Fréjus has indeed several spots of water sports including windsurfing, a very popular activity.

Synonymous with swimming, sun, sea and idleness, the beach remains one of the most attractive places during the summer. Moreover, it is also a place where you will be able to practice many activities in full nature, including windsurfing. It is a sport that interests more and more people. You will certainly find the formula that will suit you in Fréjus, whether you practice for the first time or that you have experience in this area. It should be noted that this hobby requires a good physical capacity. The theoretical and technical knowledge as well as the practice of the various positions are also essential to have fun safely.

To practice windsurfing, you must also have enough experience. As a beginner, you will have to follow courses to be able to sail in all serenity. Sailing lessons are for everyone from the age of 8 years. Graduate instructors will be happy to teach you how to handle all equipment properly. In general, a few hours of lessons are enough to more or less master this sport that could be described as extreme. However, if you wish to have a better level, you can extend the training to several days, given at the Municipal School of Sailing Fréjus. This establishment has a permanent team of 11 people, plus 14 seasonal and 4 polyvalent educators from the Sports Bureau in summer.

You can also ask the sailing school to help you improve your skills in case you are new to the field or if you have not practiced for a long time. For the more experienced, you can simply rent a board and go on an adventure according to your desires. As a result, a wide range of windsurf boards are available. That said, you can also take courses to learn new positions, including acrobatic tricks to impress your friends.

Windsurfing is a friendly sport. Practicing as a couple, with family or friends will surely strengthen your links. You will spend moments of relaxation and sharing that you will not be ready to forget. Leaving your windsurfing off, you will have the opportunity to discover the unique and well preserved coastline of the region. Do not miss this opportunity to immortalize these moments in photo or video. Share them with your friends and make them an exceptional memory.

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