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Chapelle Cocteau in Fréjus

chapelle cocteau

The last chapel designed by Jean Cocteau.

The Holyday Green campsite is the place to be for lovers of discovery. Indeed, it is the ideal starting point to discover the Cocteau Chapel, an emblematic building built in 1961 and which was registered as a historical monument from January 20, 1989.

At the end of the 1950s, a Nice banker wanted to create an artists' village at the Tour de Mare in Fréjus. The project dragged on and did not live. However, Jean Cocteau still drew the Notre-Dame-de-Jérusalem chapel, dedicated to the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher. You can admire mosaics and frescoes with chalk and especially beautiful stained glass windows.

Located 7.4 kilometers from the campsite, this religious monument is the fruit of the work of Jean Cocteau who designed the plans and decoration, Jean Triquenot who worked in part on architecture, Raymond Moretti who took charge paintings and Roger Pelissier who took care of the ceramic decorations. For 4 years, these men have worked hand in hand to give this chapel all its beauty, outside and inside.

While contemplating this church, you will be surprised by its architecture which leaves the ordinary with its octagonal form. At the front door, the inscription "God wills it" testifies to its attachment to the Crusader motto. As soon as you walk through the front door, the murals are the first details that will blow your eyes. Visitors can see the representation of the Passion of Christ. Another detail that draws attention to the walls, the order of the Holy Sepulcher, in memory of the great crusade during the capture of Jerusalem in the Middle Ages. Jean Cocteau even added a personal touch to leave his mark on the stage. The latter is easily recognizable among the apostles, accompanied by Jean Marais, a long-time friend.

During your holidays in Fréjus, do not miss to visit this chapel. You can take a solo tour or opt for a guided tour to get more detailed explanations about its history. Well located, the chapel is also a perfect place to find some peace. It should be noted that from this square you can easily reach other sensational sites or access the hiking trails in the area.

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