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Escalade dans le Var

Climbing with view on the Mediterranean Sea is one of the holiday pleasures of the Var.

Amateurs climbing or looking for new sensations? Try climbing on Cap Dramont during your getaway on the Var coast, a unique and exhilarating experience awaits you. It is about 18 km southeast of Holiday Green *****, your high-end campsite located in Fréjus. It takes less than 30 minutes to reach this popular climbing site.

Cap Dramont carries the main semaphore of the region and faces the Ile d'Or thus offering an exceptional panorama. The climb will take place on the famous and imposing red rock (rhyolite) of volcanic origin which overhangs the hamlet of Dramont in Saint Raphaël. This boulder is also spotted with gray lichen, making climbing comfortable even under the sun's rays, as it does not heat up. Cape Dramont has several climbing areas: at the Semaphore, the Grotto and the Cathedral. Each offers various climbing routes to vary the pleasures and sensations, suitable for all levels. Censors and Pillars sectors are among the easiest, ideal for beginners due to their reasonable inclination. For the pros, the Aquarius area, very spilling, and the Curcubitaceae are waiting for you.

Cape Dramont is in all about fifty tracks from 8 to 30 m with levels from 3 & 7c. It is perfect for children's initiation, with the highest levels of safety to minimize the risks despite very rocky soil. It is possible to climb all year round and the different orientations allow to position well in relation to the sun. In summer, it is advisable to climb before 11am or to move towards the end of the afternoon. Equipment such as harness and helmet as well as gloves and many more are provided on site.

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