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Kite surfing at the nature site of Fréjus

Le Kite Surf à la base nature de Fréjus

The beach along the 120 ha nature site of Fréjus is appreciated for kite surfing.

The beach is often within the criteria of choice for a successful summer vacation, combining everything you are looking for to relax. The sea, sun, wind and water activities make the beach a place of relaxation and sharing for tourists. Enjoy the beautiful sun of the south of France with its coastline as far as the eye can see, especially in Fréjus. Ask your bags at the Holiday Green campsite in the same town. You will have the opportunity to practice kite surfing regardless of your level, beginner or experienced practitioner.

The seaside resort of Fréjus extends for a few kilometers and includes several beaches: the beach of Port Fréjus, the beach of Sablettes, the Beach of the Republic, the Beach of the Capitol ... The Nature Base François Léotard which occupies an area of ​​135 hectares is also unavoidable. This park, the largest in eastern Var, is largely composed of green areas away from the road where nature lovers will feel fulfilled. You will experience a moment of total escape during your visit.

This area is well secured because cars can not access it. Some sports can be practiced in another part of the Base Nature to name only the bicross, roller skating, skateboarding or volleyball. The youngest will be happy to spend some time on the kite area. The famous international competition for mountain bikers, the Roc d'Azur, attracts competitors from around the world.

The Nature Base includes a 1.5 km beach which is monitored in summer. Near the pool, a handiplage was built. There are handiplagists whose mission is to assist people with reduced mobility. To quench your thirst and satisfy your cravings, a bar and a restaurant are also available near the pool, with toilets nearby. This beach is perfect for families with children. Practice your favorite nautical activities like kite surfing in this area very exposed to the wind.

Regarding this sport, also called kiteboarding, inappropriate handling can be very dangerous for the user and swimmers or other kite surfers. This device is equipped with a set of several equipment that must be mastered. If you are a beginner, participate in the courses and attend classes for a few days to learn about the safety rules, and discover the different positions and driving techniques. If you already have some experience, you can opt for a personalized development course. The lessons as well as the practice will obviously be supervised and supervised by a qualified instructor. Children can learn to play this sport from 12 years old. The apprenticeship can however begin at 8 years, but with permanent supervision.

At Base Nature, kiteboarding is only allowed in areas that are closed to swimming. It is on the mouth of the Argens, on the border of this base that this sport is practiced.

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